Sleep easy at night!

Easy on your budget - so you can rest Easy.

Diamond Grille Door and Window Screens offer fantastic protection while being one of the most well-known, incredibly strong and affordable screen options available.

The choice between keeping out the nasties and ventilation doesn't have to be made as Diamond Grille screens excel in both areas - keeping your loved ones safe, while allowing maximum airflow throughout your home.

Plus, you can choose which mesh to use depending on your needs.

When the time comes to refresh the screens, these are perfect for our REMESHING SERVICE.


Versatile Design

With benefits galore, at a price that isn't going to break the bank, it's no wonder Diamond Grille screens have remained a favourite throughout Australian homes and businesses.

Diamond Grille screens are a popular choice and an Australian favourite)​

Diamond Grille screens can be fitted to windows, as well as sliding, fixed, and hinged doors, and made to your specifications. We custom make and fit, so they fit perfectly within the dimensions of your property.

Their size, shape and accessories can be customised to suit a variety of configurations, so the look and feel of your property, and your needs, don't have to be compromised.


Diamond Grille screens have a 7mm strand thickness tempered aluminium for greater strength and increased peace of mind. They are also available with a choice of fly and insect mesh.

The size of the standard grille opening is approximately 83mm x 69mm (61mm across) and 7.0mm thick.




Steadfast, Solid and Strong Powder Coated Aluminium frame.


High tensile, 0.7MM tempered aluminium

for greater strength, durability and peace of mind


Diamond Grille screens also come with a choice of

infill insect meshes (see below)


Excellent. Note using the additional insect / flyscreen mesh will impact airflow
depending on the type of mesh chosen.


This depends on the additional mesh chosen.


Yes, traditional look.


Single Lock (Safety) or

Triple Lock (Barrier) Optional

Long lasting pet resistant aluminium

Diamond Grille window screens are recognised as a fallsafe screen and are compliant with the "Kids Don't Fly" building code, stating that windows that are more than 2m above the ground may be required to be fitted with window restrictors or impact resistant screens. An intelligent solution to removing obstructive window restrictors and providing you the peace of mind that you and your family will be kept safe from accidents in the top levels.


Suitable to create a durable insect free outdoor space

Optional Upgrade


Diamond Grille also comes with a choice of infill insect meshes:-

We agree: protecting your property, it's value and your loved ones is a smart step these days.


The Affordable Classic

Strandard Mesh Window.jpg


Tighter concentration of mesh  for smaller insects

Midge Mesh Window.jpg


Built to withstand damage from cats and dogs.

Pet Mesh Window.jpg


A superior flyscreen access port (YES, our Paul invented it)


Need a bespoke solution?

Ask Us about our patented 'Oz-Port' flyscreen access ports - YES, our Paul invented it!

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Most companies in the industry only provide you with one piece of the puzzle.


It is often the case, that our clients want new screens in some areas, a remeshing of windows and doors in other rooms and some of their flyscreen, aluminium or glass doors are not working properly and need repair, or they have an unusual situation that needs a bespoke solution. It makes sense to us that they want update the function and look of their property and where possible, keep costs down and refresh the look in other areas.


Usually this would involve a specialist screen company, a remeshing firm, a glass door firm, and a handyman - who all work in their own areas. Whereas, we do it all!


Our extensive experience in construction gives you all the pieces of the puzzle. We can repair, replace and install new as well as create bespoke solutions specific to your property. You no longer need to call in three or four companies for one house or get a dodgy solution from someone making it up as they go.

One of the most common things we hear is: "Thank you - the other guy couldn't do it"

We create, We solve. We deliver results.

It is a Wise and Safe Choice...


Affordable Price

Our window and door screens come at an affordable price to make it as easy as possible to protect your loved ones without blocking your view. Our strong frames and superior steel and mesh means they will last longer than most other screens. Further, they are highly scratch resistant, so any pet owner won't have to worry about their cats or dogs tearing up their screens. Leaving the screens looking attractive for longer.

Businessman hold Shield with plus Low polygonal icon, medicine icon.Health shield.Medical

Ventilation and Mould Prevention

Room ventilation is extremely important. Not only does good airflow improve a room's temperature and odour, but it also greatly reduces the chance of mould or mildew forming. Our screen windows and doors are an ideal solution to this problem, helping reduce the risk of harmful mould or mildew building up overnight.


At Bayside Flyscreen Repairs & Screens, we'll put the protective polish on your property, like it's our own.

Bayside Flyscreen Repairs has become a reputable and well-known company working throughout Brisbane Bayside and the Redlands.​

Our team is highly skilled with a combined 75+ years in construction, managing projects and properties with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect.

We will treat your property as if it was our own. Our mobile service specialises in window and door solutions, on-site servicing, bespoke solutions and manufacturing. We are known for fast, efficient, and honest service.

We want our clients be satisfied with our work and happy to refer us to their community. We consistently receive 5 Star Reviews as we are honest, transparent, communicate well throughout the duration of each project, give written guarantees and our work is attractive and high quality.

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