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Your Sliding Door Won't Slide? Slide the Problem to Us!

You should be able to open and close your sliding glass or screen door with the flick of a finger.

If you find yourself playing tug-of-war with your door, slide over to Bayside Flyscreen Repairs. We can refurbish and repair your sliding glass or screen doors from our HUGE range of produces. This is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to sliding door replacement, and is designed to get your door back on track (did you like what we did there!) - and keep it there.

Here are some common problems we have encountered - and fixed.

Worn, Bent, Cracked or Rusted Rollers

Rollers are installed in your doors to make it easy for you to open, close and slide your door. If should be effortless if they are in good shape. If your door is starting to get stuck, drag or becomes difficult to manoeuvrer, it is likely there is a problem with your rollers. they could be worn, bent, cracked or rusted (unfortunately we live by the ocean and salt in the air can affect and rust rollers).

Wheels Out of Adjustment

If the screws or parts holding your rollers become loose or fall out, it will cause your sliding door to jump out of the track, moving the whole door out of alignment. Unfortunately a lot of the times, you won't be able to close your door until this problem is fixed. It is best to catch this problem early, so it doesn't become an emergency situation for you, or put your safety at risk, whils you are waiting for it to be repaired.

Track Out of Whack

Damage to the bottom track of your sliding door can cause an array of problems. A bent track will prevent your door from moving all the way on the track, or cause it to jump off-track. Fixing a bent track requires pulling or pushing it back into place, or sometimes replacing it to create a smooth, straight and dent-resistant surface.

Try This First: 4 DIY tips to clean out your sliding glass door track.

  1. Start by getting rid of larger dirt, crumbs or other debris by vacuuming out the tracks. A small vacuum attachment, or a specific track attachment can make this easy;

  2. For ground in dirt, you may need to use an old toothbrush to lightly scrub the tracks to loosen dirt. Don't forget the corners and grooves;

  3. Wipe up as much as possible with a paper towel, and then with a fresh paper towel or rag, remove anything that is left. If you have one available, a small scraping tool can be helpful;

  4. Vaccum your tracks regularly - at least once a month to keep them clear and clean.

In most situations, cleaning your sliding glass door tracks not only keeps the tracks smooth but it prevents the rollers from picking up grime.


Be very careful when handling glass. Taking out glass doors is not for the feint-hearted nor inexperienced. If you do not have experience, call us to handle it for you.

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